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2/5BZ, aka Serhat has worked as a multimedia artist with various releases in video, music, and literary formats since 1991. 2serhat5BZ performed ” No Exotic No Touristik ” audiovisuals of heterodox’ plundered-roars, of Istanbulians and Anatolians, who were exposed to population engineering, as well as of those of the refugees and all of the glocal movements without any thoriental traditionalist simulation or hologram touch doctrine.The work often balances on the verge of trash, and continuously engages with remakes and collages of music, cinema, speech, and fieldrecordings and played live in 91 cities in clubs, festivals, squats, and exhibitions in North America, Europa and Asia.Serhat is co-curator of the International Roaming Biennial of Tehran and have interview with John Peel on 1994 for BBC world Service and have two times ”Peel Session” in BBC Radio 1 and have interview about Turkish Pop Cinema on Channel 4 TV (Mondo Macabro television series 2001) and have selection in first wide-ranging book quide of audiovisual art and VJ culture (D-Fuse) in 2006. & interview with Arte tv (France and Germany) at Tracks Program in 10.2013. 2serhat5bz started project " No Thoriental No Exotic " residency at Movement Radio (Athens) since January 2021. 

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One of the first protesters to face down the riot police in Taksim Square was Serhat Köksal, alias 2/5BZ, the pioneer of politically charged Turkish electro music and a favourite of the late John Peel "
“Of all the music I heard in Turkey, I liked 2/5 BZ best.”John Peel
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Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Studies Master's Program Cult – Anthropology of Resistance * This Machine Kills Fascists: Stage, Roots and Practices of Resistance * ... produced various counterculture works since the early 90s. In particular, the Music project 2/5 BZ, while inspiring a number of works and formations to be made later, produced its own sound by distorting the film-radio-street sounds we are exposed to during daily noise "attacks" with electronic-retro forms. The sounds he sampled always contained harsh messages against authority. One of the most recent examples of this was given during the June Resistance (Gezi Park Incidents). 2/5 BZ Camera Against the Excavator Who Came to Demolish the Tree on the Trip Together with the Those Who Cling to the Tree (28 May 2013)

İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Kültürel İncelemeler Yüksek Lisans Programı Cult 557 – Anthropology of Resistance

 . This Machine Kills Fascists: Sahne,  Kökler ve Direniş Pratikleri * … 90’lı yılların başından itibaren çeşitli karşı kültür çalışmalarına imza attı. Özellikle Müzik projesi

2/5 BZ, sonradan yapılacak bir takım çalışmalara ve oluşumlara ilham kaynağı olurken, gündelik gürültü “saldırıları”nda maruz kaldığımız film-radyo-sokak seslerini elektronik-retro formlarla bozarak kendi sound’unu üretti. Sample’ladığı sesler her zaman otoriteye karşı sert mesajlar içerdi. Bunun en güncel örneklerinden birisi de Haziran Direnişi (Gezi Parkı Olayları) sırasında verilmişti.

Gezide Ağacı Yıkmaya Gelen Kepçe’ye Karşı 2/5 BZ Kamerası Ağaca Tutunanlarla Birlikte (28 Mayıs 2013)


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